Why Ms my Dog Shaking?

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There are a few answers.

There are a few explanations here and each one is something you need to know about.




when they are cold

When are excited

When are scared will shake a lot

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First, dogs will shake when they are cold

This does happen and your pet should get warm soon. It is the most common reason here.


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Excited & Scared

Some dogs who are excited will shake as well. However, not all dogs do this. On the other side, we have scared dogs. Most if not all dogs who are scared will shake a lot. 


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Here we can add that some dogs will shake as the result of anxiety or stress. Although less common, it may happen. It is also rare but possible that your pet is shaking in order to get attention.


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Dogs who are in pain or suffer from illness will shake as well. This is a more severe reason and usually needs immediate veterinarian help.

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