Stand Up Trick

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Step-By-Step Training.

Stand up trick step by step Level: Easy Time: 2 hours Needed: snacks and patience

Depending on your skill, it may take a while for you to master it to keep your balance in this position. The important thing is that your dog knows how to stay seated on his rear.

Stand Up Trick.  Step By Step



Like all tricks, getting on two legs begins with an SIT command.

Position your dog to a wall and order him to sit down.



Sit with your back towards the wall so that this helps to maintain your balance and prevents you from getting up quickly.

Lean back a bit. Show him his snack and hold it over his head.



Do not lift it too much, as your dog will try to get up.

As soon as your dog straightens up a bit and raises its paws to reach the snack, you should say a "stand up" command.



Offer the snack. If he gets up from the position, he orders him to sit down with the command ("sit") and keep the snack until he is calm.

Repeat until he gets up without showing him the snack.

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