Shiba Inu. All You Need To Know.

Shiba Inu. All You Need To Know.

Shiba Inu is one of the six original distinct dog breeds from Japan.

They are the smallest-sized breed in the spitz group with fox-like features,

an easily recognizable coat, and their "shiba scream" most famously.

Shiba Inu's are incredibly fastidious cleaners which means they do not need baths

unless they get extremely dirty or stinky.

The traditional stand-offish nature of this breed, paired with his prickly demeanor,

has contributed to the Japanese belief that shibas are true man's best friend.

Despite their high energy level, shibas enjoy relaxing just as much as playing hard.

Shibas will often snuggle up with you as you read a book or watch tv and then go outside and tear around the yard.

Their independence makes them hard to train

Shibas tend to dominate owners and other pets in their household. And always ensure your Shiba has access to toys, and space for regular exercise.

WRAPPING UP Shiba Inu's are most notably known for their fox-like appearance, highly energetic nature, and prickly demeanor towards strangers.