Roll Over Trick

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Step-By-Step Training.

Roll over trick to your pet is simple and easy. Train your dog to roll over by following the simple steps below. Make sure your pet knows basic steps when you teach roll over.

Roll Over Trick Level: Easy Time: half an hour for few days Needed things: Treat

Roll Over Trick



Train your pet to lie down if possible or make it lie on one side

Crouch down and hold the treat liked by the dog to smell. Never allow the pet to snatch it from you.



Raise and lower the treat so that the pet moves its nose along. You can now say "roll over" by moving the treat on all the sides.

Repeat the above movement till it learns to roll over.



Reward your pet that it likes the best every time it rolls over.

Practice your pet until it does the trick without your help.


Never feed your pet fully and instead, give your pet little by little until it finishes the training.

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