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Husky: All You Need To Know

A Husky is a beautiful, intelligent, and sweet-natured dog. But they require a lot of time and energy to care for!

The average lifespan for huskies is 12-14 years, but this may vary depending on how you care for them and what breed of dog they come from.

Active Breed

If not given enough exercise they can become destructive or obsessive in their playtime activities

Huskies also have a high prey drive; make sure there isn't a person or a smaller pet a husky can chase.

A Husky's coat is thick and double-coated.

Life Hack

They shed a lot - like all year round! You'll need to brush them daily and vacuum them often too.

Did You Know...

A Husky's coat is thick and double-coated.

Be Aware!

They are known to chew on furniture.

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