Facts About Pugs

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This small loveable breed is famous for being comical, loving companions, but did you know they have many other wonderful qualities? Here are some facts about the pug.

Pugs may be small dogs, but their big personalities make them great fits for active families. They need to sleep indoors with their family at night .

They Have A Surprisingly Strong Work Ethic And Will Be Productive In Whatever They Do


Because they sleep well in most situations, pugs can be taken to work with their owners when appropriate.

Pugs Have A History 


The breed has been around for thousands of years and can be seen in paintings from 1572 B.C. Since that time, pugs have remained popular companions.

Forever Young


Even If They're Older, Their Love For Playing Is Forever Young At Heart. and most will run with the ball as long as their owner will throw it.

Healthy Dogs


They do need plenty of exercise. Because of physical conditioning from past generations who had to pull carts attached to humans.

Pugs live between 12 and 15 years.


Like all dog breeds, pugs should be taken for routine check-ups and to the vet when they fall ill.

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