Dog Tricks. Shake Hands.

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Step-By-Step Training.

Shake hands are a sign of respect to the owner that the dog learned from watching the owner. Shake hands is a hand signal, and the dog will think you are giving it a command.

Shake Hands Trick Step-by-Step



Encourage the dog to give a paw.

Shake hands briefly  with your canine's paw while giving a verbal command of "Shake."



Repeat the Shake hands trick several times, each time rewarding with a treat.

With your dog's paw in your hand, give the Shake command again but open your hand slightly so he can take his paw back.



Shake hands with your dog several more times while giving the Shake command, each time receiving the Shake and giving a reward.

Shake hands with your dog without giving the Shake command

Final Word

The world of dog tricks is vast and exciting. There are many, many more tricks that we haven't covered today, but the ones you learned here should be a great start for your dog.

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