All You Need To Know About Chihuahuas

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Chihuahuas are small dogs that can either be short or long-haired. The breed comes in many different colors, including white, cream, red, brown, and black, plus combinations thereof.

Coat type can also vary with hairless breeds existing, although these are not advisable as pets because the lack of hair makes them more susceptible to colds and arthritis, among other things.

Their ears should be large and erect; their eyes attractive; nose small, short, and black; mouth small with even, white teeth.

Their necks are long, sloping down to the shoulders, which are rounded. Their legs should be straight, strong, and moderate length, with their feet long rather than round.

Their personalities largely depend on what you want from your pet and how much time and effort you're willing to put into training them.

Chihuahuas can live between fifteen and twenty-five years And that's a Chihuahua! I hope you've learnt something new today.

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